Monday, July 30, 2007

Fishing at the pond

We spent Saturday at JoAnna's Dad's place with Papa Jim and Grandma Joyce. We had a great day fishing, talking and eating.

Hannah caught the first fish of the day catching a 45 lbs. catfish as seen in the picture (she named it Tom). It might have been about 2 lbs.

Patrick worked hard to get his new fishing pole ready.

Patrick caught 3 Brim. It was great. Eric worked hard as well with no results to show except a hook in the finger and lots of worm blood on his hands. Patrick didn't get the elusive catfish but was happy and ready to go again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New addition to the family

Well we did it! We have a new addition to our family.

We adopted a Pomeranian! For those who didn't know, Fluffy our Pomeranian of 14 years passed away in February. We discovered quickly that we needed to have a dog in the house and it wasn't very hard to realize that we wanted another POM. We decided to wait until after our St. Thomas Trip and then we would look. Well we found a Breeder that happened to have one that was to small to breed or show. (they only breed for show not for pets) so he was willing to part with her. Her given name is Benray's Majestic's Diva So we call her Diva and that she is. She has loved the attention and if you try and ignore her she will ensure you can't.

Our little Diva. She doesn't have full run of the house yet but is doing well potty training.
Sophie our cat is not impressed at all. I think she liked that Fluffy just laid around with her instead of wanting to play. She'll get over it! LOL

Fluffy and Grandma Ivey relaxing. We will miss you fluffy!

ATA Regional Championships

Patrick competed in the ATA Atlanta Regional Championships this past weekend. He did extremely well! Here is the breakdown of how he did:

5th in Extreme weapons,
4th in Traditional Weapons
4th in Traditional Forms
3rd in Sparring!!!

Patrick in the end was up against all higher belts than himself. For third, he was against recommended black belts!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

St Thomas Trip

Well we have returned from the islands! We had a great trip. We did so much it is hard to cover it all at one time.

My sister's wedding was beautiful a
nd we had a great time. Rob's family is great and we enjoyed meeting them and talking with them. They had a beautiful background of the ocean and they arrived by boat and processed up the dock.

It was a great time to see family that we haven't seen in a long time.

Grandma Sharp was able to attend. The seas were calm enough to make the boat transitions and rides very smooth.

We had a great time just chilling on the beach watching the iguanas and snorkeling sunken boats. It was a very relaxing vacation.

We look forward to attending my brother's wedding Labor Day in Santa Barbra CA. It will be a weekend trip so it will be a quick trip.