Tuesday, December 13, 2016

2016 ASO Fall Concert Symphony No 5 op 64, E minor

2016 ASO Fall Concert Academic Festival Overture, op. 80

The Armstrong Youth Orchestra Fall Concert.

2016 Fall Concert Themes from "Green Bushes"

2016 Fall Concert Washington Post

Hannah's Fall Concert - Washington Post by John Philip Sousa conducted by Gabriel Woods who is the director at Meyers Middle School and Savannah State University.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Kayaking George L. Smith Park

Spent the day kayaking, Took the new kayak trailer out on its maiden voyage.  I will post the pictures of building it once I get them all combined.  

It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze.

Armstrong Symphony Orchestra Spring Concert

The ASO held it's Spring Concert at Christ Church Episcopal in downtown Savannah in order to utilize the churches Pipe Organ for it's final peice which was 

Symphony No. 3, Op 78 (Organ Symphony) - Camille Saint Saëns

This is Fanfare la Péri by Paul Dukas 

And this is Prélude et Mazurka from “Coppéllia” by Léo Delibes

Friday, March 18, 2016

Orchestra Large Group Performance Evaluation

March 9, 2016 Hannah performed with the SAA Orchestra in Statesboro Georgia at the local high school for the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) District 1 Band and Orchestra Large Group Performance Evaluation. 

Symphony No. 5 Mvt. 4 - D Shostakovich

Serenade Mvt. 2 "Waltz" - P.I. Tschaikowsky
Symphony No. 35 Mvt. 1 - W.A. Mozart

Ogeeche river paddle

Spent the day paddling down the Ogeechee river this past Sunday with Maryanna and Elizabeth.  The river is high so the current was moving at a fairly good clip.  We started at Dashers Landing off Hwy 80 and pulled out at Morgan's Bridge on Hwy 280. Thank you Connie for the shuttle to the put in.
 We started in a wide area that seems calm but the current is already pushing us downriver.
 I am in my 13 ft Ocean Kayak Trident 13 which was big enough in a couple of places to create an issue with some trees that were now a part of the river that are not normally.
 In June of 1959 this was the location of a devistating train crash.  They river was filled with around 175 people on a hot summer day when a train crashed killing 17 in the resulting explosion and fire.

 The river was beautiful quiet and surprisingly void of a lot of wildlife.

 Passing under Interstate 16

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Junk 2 Funk

Hannah was a model in the SAA 8th Annual Junk 2 Funk Fashion show.

This is an annual fashion show with student designers, models, stage crew, sound, dance and everything else.  The students are given a theme and then design clothing out of recycled materials and other junk they can find.  I have included several links to promo videos, photo shoots and the link to the actual show.

Hannah had an absolute blast and the show was by fare the best I have seen.  Everyone did an incredible job.  It is amazing to see a school flourish with so little support from the local school board.

Maryanna, Hannah and Elizabeth

Hannah and her designer - Hannah Horton

Front Row with Lucky, Theresa and Kayla

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Patrick has started school

Patrick started Tech school last week and is enrolled in the Welding degree program.  He is already getting to cut and weld and is enjoying it.  I will try and get a picture up but as they get older they don't want their pictures taken for some reason. 

He has also recently gotten into skate boarding.  He has three kids, a trick board and long board and one that is kind of a mix between the two.  He wants me to come out and video so I may have some of that soon.