Monday, August 27, 2007

New School Year!

Georgia wins the Little League World Series!!!!!

It is the beginning of the school year! Patrick started on the 15th and Hannah started on the 22nd. At least this year all the vacations will be at the same time. Both had a good day, Hannah was upset over the amount of homework given, (she didn't think there was enough!).

Anyway, Hannah's school is doing their one fundraiser for the year. It is the Sally Foster fundraiser. They have some really good stuff and the wrapping paper is supposed to be some of the best. The school gets 50% of the proceeds.

If you would like and can help, follow the instructions below.

Go to:
On the top right hand side of the screen, click the button: GIVE CREDIT
Select the Group/Account Number and press continue
Select Enter Group/School Name : Enter
Hancock Day School
Select Continue-
Select the school
Then place your order.

If during or at the end of the process you are asked for the group ID number, it is 505705

I will get some new pictures of the kids up soon. I hope everyone had a great weekend!