Friday, March 26, 2010

SNOW in Savannah Feb 12, 2010

So I had to eat my words this year. I complain about how hot it always is in Georgia and in Savannah and this year, February 12, 2010 it snowed.

Diva wasn't very impressed with the snow.

Hannah enjoyed playing outside. All the kids on the street were outside playing and got really cold hands because nobody had good gloves. Me on the other hand went in and pulled out the snow gear and when they tried to get warm, I continued to pelt them with snowballs.

Georgia Day

Learning how to make candles.

Mrs. Ivey, James Oglethorpe and Hannah

Hannah's Georgia Day at school was a lot of fun. Having a reputation for dressing up for school functions, I was James Oglethorpe and walked in the parade with the kids. I was asked back next year even though Hannah will no longer be in lower school, I was asked to lead the parade. I don't get why other dad's won't join me.