Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hannah sports new eye wear!

Hannah is sporting some very cool new eye wear. She got them this week and so far has done well. She uses them primarily for reading.

Flashback to 1994

Back in 1994 JoAnna and I were married. JoAnna and I met on a blind date set up by our friends Jake and Kate, I worked with Jake and JoAnna worked with Kate. Needless to say, we hit it off and got married in November of '94. Our wedding included family and friends, some we are still in touch with and others we had lost touch with. JoAnna's Maid of Honor was Kate and her Husband Jake was one of my Groomsmen.

Their daughter was our flower girl and their sons were the ring bearers.

Well, we were going to church a couple of weeks ago and I headed into the choir room to get my music and this lady was in there that I had not met before. We exchanged greetings but didn't say a whole lot. I thought she looked familiar but just couldn't place it. I found out that she and her family had attended the church for years and were good friends with the pastor and his family but had moved to Florida. She, her daughter and mother were up visiting for a few days. I talked to Joanna in the church and she was looking at the bulletin and the lady's name was in there because she was singing with the choir and with the pastor. JoAnna looked at me and said surely it can't be the same person.

Well it was and we had just reconnected with friends that we had lost touch with about 12 years ago. We had a great time talking that Sunday and then one of the choir members had a going away party the next Saturday so we had another memory session.

Super Museum Sunday

It's been awhile since I have updated the Blog, we have been just a little busy but I have gotten to it and have some new things. Super Museum Sunday is when they open all the museums in Savannah for free and so we tend to head to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum. They had a new addition this year of a B-17 Bomber that flown in the war and then fought fires and was decommissioned. The Mighty Eighth was able to get it from the Smithsonian where it was in storage. It is now in the process of being restored and will be named The Spirit of Savannah which was an actual B-17 that was a member of the Mighty 8th and was shot down on it's third mission in WWII.

Eric and Patrick

Hannah checking out the exhibits

Patrick and Hannah