Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Diva turns 6 months old

Happy 1/2 Birthday

Diva turns 6months old today. It may not seem like much but to a puppy it is a milestone. Her food can start changing, she can get "the" operation and she can have denta bones. We have been so happy with her. She starts obedience school in a week. so it should be interesting.

The Den

Well a small cleanup project has turned into a redo the room project. While traveling to Marietta, JoAnna and I discussed the fact that if we rearranged the room and put shelves up, then it would take a while for us to get around to painting. So Sunday, off to Home Depot I went and bought paint. I have included some pictures and will keep adding them as we complete the project. The kids have had fun and are a lot of help. Hannah is trying her hand at the trim as well as the roller and Patrick like the big walls.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gymnastics meet in Marietta GA

The Apple Classic in Marietta GA was a long day. We drove up in the morning dropping Diva off at the farm with Elizabeth. We then headed to the meet returning late that night.

Hannah Scored an 8.55 on Beam.

Scored an 7.825 on Floor.

Because she hasn't gotten her round off back handspring just yet, there is a 1.5 point deduction for reciving help from her coach. Based on all the scores, if she had not needed help she would have placed 1st on the floor.

Scored an 8.75 on Vault.

Scored an 8.25 on Bars. Her total for the meet was ** 32.975 **

We had a great time! Well most of us. I know someone who was bored. But did the video taping with the video camera.

Hannah did a great job and qualified for State!!!!

We just need to work on the round off back hand spring and a couple of little things.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The cool weather cometh

We are finally having some beautiful weather here in Georgia. How long it will last is any ones guess. Anyway, I had a video clip from our backyard but it was apparently to big. A new Web Weaver spider has shown up in the yard which brings a lot of excitement. ( Not as much as the black widows of course. Current record is 5 in one day.)

I am working on getting a bunch of new photos to put up. That has been the biggest request is more photos. So that is what I will try and do.

I posted a video clip from the last meet as a test and it worked really well. We have another meet coming up and I will try to get all the events taped and uploaded the next day so keep checking back.

This picture is about a year old but it is a good one. I found it while reorganizing my folders. It was taken in Cedar Rapids Iowa at the Kernals Baseball game.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Roswell Meet

Sorry for the late update of the text, This is a video clip from Hannah's Meet in Roswell, GA. She came in 12th of 15. She was having an off day as you can see from the video but she still did great and scored well in the beam. I was testing putting the video up to see if it would truly work and it does so look for more to come. As you can hear in the audio, I had some kids come up and try to grab the tri-pod that the video camera was on. This was the first meet in level 4 and she moved from AAU to USGA which is a higher level of competition.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Marcotte and Caroline's Wedding

It was one Heck of a weekend!

In Atlanta, Patrick wearing his Little League attire, was asked several times if he was on the team!

We caught a flight from Savannah after picking the kids up early from school Friday the 31st and arrived in LA that evening. We had a great time attending the reception and the wedding and then high tailed it from the wedding dinner to the airport to catch a 12:40am flight back to GA arriving at 11:00 am Monday morning.

Sunday before the wedding, due to the abnormal heat LA was experiencing (they ought to come to Georgia where it is the norm! LOL) we spent the day at Jackie's in the pool where Grandma Susan taught Patrick and Hannah how to play the toothpick game. Patrick caught on really quick so as you can see, Susan was excited when she finally won a round!

Here are some of the pictures from before the wedding! Jackie allowed us to crash at her house. Thank you so much Jackie. We got to see my dad and Grandma Cindy and we got to see my uncle Bill and his wife Joyce after to long a time. the last time we saw them was when Hannah was learning to walk.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Great Grand Children, Oma was able to attend the wedding from St Thomas virtually over the Internet. Via a Skype account, Rob, Elisabeth's Husband assisted in getting the up link established and the web call was made.

Caroline looked Beautiful and Radiant and Marcotte very handsome.

Congratulations !!!!!!!