Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Demo Team

Savannah was holding a big Summer Camp Expo at the Savannah Mall.
Patrick being on the Demo team, got to show his stuff center court.
Everyone getting ready to show their stuff!
All lined up and ready to go!
Patrick and JoAnna talk to Master Richards.

They had a good crowd. Making lots of noise helps draw attention.

Field Day

Hannah's School had Field Day last Friday. They were going to be Newton's Nerds but the name was struck down by the Administration. So the class rallied and became:

Newton's Knights

The parents pulled together and got the makings for the round tables and shields and princess hats.

Several dads help assemble the castle front on the tent tower and all.

Yours truly wanted to ensure we put it over the top and so I dressed as the Court Jester. We even had a trumpet (actually it was a trombone) to announce the arrival of the Newton's Knights!

The kids enjoyed it so it was all worth it.

I did cart wheels down the field with all the kids in the class which drew a laugh from all the teams.

I got to walk with the team for the opening parade.

Hannah and Elizabeth having a good time!

Hannah taking a break. It was hot and there was a lot going on.

So after sitting for a little bit, Hannah and all the others are back up and jumping around.

One of the final events of the day is the tug of war. As you can tell from Hannah's expression, I don't think the team she was on was expected to win.

The day ended with some very tired kids!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Asbury Memorial Talent Show

Tonight was the 2nd annual Asbury Kids Talent show.

Patrick is in the youth group so he didn't do a skit but he has taken an interest in the sound and audio so he was on the crew that did the sound and such. Hannah on the other hand is a part of the Asbury Kids and so she did a talent in the show.

Hannah and all the kids helped with the song wipe-out with a huge hula hoop extravaganza.
The kids played the musical tubes.

Hannah did her gymnastics! Way to go Hannah!!!

And of course, at the end, they all had to Cut Loose with a little Footloose!

Spring Picture Slide Show

We want to thank everyone for reading our blog and let everyone have an interactive part in it. Send us a spring picture of you and your family and I will create a slide show later this spring and post it. We hope to have a good turn out.

Monday, April 21, 2008

First Band Concert

First the good news!!!!!

Patrick had his first band concert this past week. He did a great job! He is playing the trombone which his dad played and his Grandpa Ray played. The fifth grade performed several pieces and is doing remarkably well for the short time they have been together.

Now the bad News!!!!!

Because of our busy schedules, I left the camera sitting on the desk at home and nobody went home prior to the concert. I came straight from work and JoAnna from all the other activities with the kids. I usually carry the camera but had downloaded some pictures and hadn't put it back in my bag, and so was unable to take pictures or video tape.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Afternoon at the Beach

Patrick Hannah and I went to Tybee Island Sunday afternoon after church and tennis lessons. We went and walked out on the pier and watched the people fishing.

We walked to the end of the pier just as someone was was reeling in a stingray. It really upset all of us and couldn't bear to take pictures. Hannah got some video but then had to stop. the guy got it up to the beach and was able to release it but it was still cruel.
We actually talked to a family that had never seen one before other than in an aquarium. Both the kids got really excited and told them how cool they are to see in the wild and how big they can get. They explained snorkeling with them and watching them move along the bottom and that they are not terrifying like some make them out to be. They did a great job of being advocates for sea life. I was proud.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tennis Time

Hannah Started tennis lessons after church on Sunday with some of the other kids from her school. She is really enjoying it and looks forward to going to the court whenever she can.
Below is a short clip from the first lesson.

A day on the town!

Patrick Hannah and I spent part of last Saturday in downtown Savannah at City Market. A bunch of high school jazz bands were supposed to perform so we went to go see them. Due to menacing weather, the event was moved, unfortunately they didn't post the move at the original location and we didn't find out until the next day. However, we had fun walking around City Market and the squares downtown eating ice cream and taking pictures.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hannah's Art Show

Hannah had an art show recently. ( She has been busy) All the art work is on the web. I will edit this post in the morning and put the website up so you can view her work.

Here is the link for the art. There are two different pictures.
Go to www.firstartworks.com
Then enter the codes below. One for each piece of art.
2005101320 / 2005101343


Jump Rope for Heart

Hey everyone, Hannah is doing the Jump Rope for Heart this year in honor of her Papa Jim and Grandpa Ray who have both had to have heart surgery (ironically both while running). Anyway, if you would like to help out, follow the link below to her web site. If it doesn't work, copy and past it in the address line or go to the links section to the right and it is there also.


Thanks in advance!