Friday, January 29, 2010

Jump Rope for Heart

Hannah is doing the Jump Rope for Heart again this year in Memory of her Great Grandmothers Ivey and Oma and her Grandfathers Grandpa Ray and Papa Jim who have both survived heart attacks. Any donations made through the site I will get credit for and will go to the American Heart Association

Please help as I learn more about my own heart and the challenges others face.

Follow the link below to visit my site.

Thank You,


Banner Day

Today was Banner Day at school. All the 5th graders make a banner with one of the names /properties of God.

This was Hannah's Banner.
Sarah B. / Fiza / Amanda / Hannah
AKA The Loosas ( You will have to ask them)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

National Elementary Honor Society

This year marked the first year that the established National Honor Society began including Elementary school to join it's already established society for Middle and High schools. Hannah and Patrick's school was asked to establish a chapter and the first inductee ceremony was yesterday. Hannah read the Leadership Quality portion.

Hannah and Dr. Palmer Principal of the lower school

Fourth and Fifth graders inducted.

Explanation of the requirements to be a member.




Pledge of inductees.

Presentation of the certificates.