Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hannah's Field Day

Hannah had field day at school and I got voted as the class mascot again this year. (Actually, I am the only parent willing to dress up for a class in the entire school).
Anyway, her class name was Hulme's Hedgehogs. So I was the hedgehog.

Everyone did great and had a great time.

The girls all together.

Hannah and Elizabeth rocked at the three legged race and blew the competition away!

Relay for Life

The telephone company had a fundraiser and if they were able to raise $500 or more, they got to color my head for the Relay for Life.

I ended up having to make a trip into town to Lowe's. every kid I say thought it was cool. Did I mention that the Lowe's I visited was not in our county so they didn't realize why my hair was pink and purple.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bed is Finished!

The bed is finally done, assembled and Hannah in moved back into her room. For those who don't know the story, our neighbor had bought some plans online for a loft bead and built one for each of his kids. When he had finished them, Hannah said she would like one so I set out on the project. I got the list of wood and headed for the local Home Depot. Mark helped me cut all the wood and so all that was left was to sand, stain and assemble. Well that anticipated two weekend project became a 4 1/2 month project. However, it is done and she loves it.

Instead of a desk underneath, Hannah opted to put her bean bag and a book case so that she would have a reading area.

Below is a picture with the room lights out. We put rope lights under the bed for lighting so she could read without having the room lights on. We ended up with a total of 72' of rope lighting.

We also got her a matching dresser ( I didn't build it ) that is upright so it takes up less floor space opening up her room.

Patrick's Final Ball

Patrick finished cotillion and escorted JoAnna for the final dance at the Spring Ball at the beginning of April.

He looked very handsome and JoAnna was stunning of course.

Patrick escorted a young lady out of the ball to her parents.