Monday, June 9, 2008

A Night at the Park

Patrick and I were invited to a Braves game Friday night in Atlanta from our friends and neighbors Mark and his son Colin. We drove up Friday afternoon for the game at 7:30pm. After
10 innings the game and evening fireworks, we finally hit the road for home at around 11:00pm arriving home at 3:30am. It was worth it though for a boys night out. The Braves played the Phillies in a close game that ended with the Phillies winning 4 - 3.
Hannah spent the night at the gym and JoAnna got the night off from all of us.

We had a great time!!

Rough Day At Taekwondo!

JoAnna has had the knack of getting the workouts to be harder and faster. Master Richards and Mr. Green the two instructors have been finding workouts that would challenge their inner strength and work them until they drop.

The other reason for this post is just the simple fact it was fun to see JoAnna in the same state that I was in after the Jester event. LOL

Eric's Birthday

It was my birthday in May, I forgot to post anything and I figured that since it was a pool party, I wouldn't post may pictures as it may scare everyone from the blog never to return and that would be a bad thing!!
Anyway, we had some friends over and had a great time hanging out at the pool and then having some food, snacks and cake back at the house.