Monday, June 10, 2013

BRAG 2013 Finished

I did it!  I finished the last leg of the 2013 Bicycle Ride Across Georgia.  I was beat but loved it and ready to sign up for next year. 
Early in the morning we had to climb the Sydney Lanier Bridge which is about a mile and a half long.
Of course had to stop at the top for a photo op.  then it was on to the Naval Base that is home to around 10Nuclear  Submarines.
Now on to the finish.  MaryAnna, Elizabeth, Hannah and Patrick caught up as I was riding in and stopped to cheer for me on the road and them met me at the finish line.
I have completed a bucket list item, 300+ miles later on my original '86 Schwinn Passage purchased new at the Newport Schwinn Bike Shop in Newport, Oregon. 

Friday, June 7, 2013


Have made it to Brunswick.  It was a beautiful ride and fast.  Had a tail wind almost all day until we crossed over I95 which  allowed myself and David who I met on the ride, hold a 15 to 16 mph pace.  
This was the Methodist Church in Blacksheer that was one of our rest stops.  
Tandem bike with a lady and her daughter. A lot of kids on the ride. Youngest was 3 in a trailer.
This was a rest stop at a forestry station. This roadie was long and flat.  Got some great drafts off the log trucks that went by.  They were all very nice and moved way over for us.
Tomorrow is the final leg.  Going to try and head out early so I can get into St. Mary's by noon for the big party.

BRAG Day 6

Waycross to Brunswick about 69 miles.  TS Andrea has blown over and expecting tail winds and a beautiful ride.  Leaving about 45 minutes later than other mornings but so is everyone else.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dry in Waycross

The Ware County HS chorus and rock band have been entertaining the BRAG riders all afternoon.  They have been great performing even though they are out of school. 
They have also been running movies in their theater.  It has been a great stay.

Drizzle turns to rain!

And lots of it.  Everything is wet.  It started off light so by the time most people thought to put on rain gear we were to wet.  
We made it to Ware County HS in Waycross where everyone is sheltered inside.  Some kids from the school have a band and are performing for the BRAG riders
51 total miles.

BRAG Day 4

Drizzle day but the ride is great.
Rest stop 1 @ 25 miles .

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BRAG Day 2 done!

Yesterday was a 65 mile day on hot rolling hills.  Towards the end we saw the sign and the SAG Wagon told us it was 2 to 3 miles.  Not! 5 miles later lol.  Anyway, the fire department had a cooling station set up which was wonderful.
We hit several rest stops, the first at 18 miles then at 10 mile intervals until we were 17 miles out.  Then we were on our own.
Today is rest day.  Thanks to Elizabeth she called ahead and got me a spot in the dorm here at South Georgia State College so I have my own shower and bedroom with an actual bed. 
Headed into town to pick up a couple of things and then do some work on the bike.  Having a computer issue so need to straighten that out.  Maybe time for a swim at the college pool.  Slept well last night and feeling good this morning.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tifton, Ga night 2

Went downtown and had dinner at Bistro at 219 which was very good.  Had dinner with two couples, one originally from Berlin Germany but lived for awhile in Gottingheim just outside of Uslar whet I base camped on my cycling trip inn '88.  They remembered the Haffner Brewery.
Tifton has a beautiful downtown.
Settling in for the night hoping to get an early start in the morning.

BRAG Day 1

Have arrived in Ashburn, Ga 30.64 miles into the ride.  Hit the road at 7:15 this morning.  Sun is finally starting to come out.  Started the ride with Dick who is riding a Schwinn Passage as well.  By far not the only one carrying bags. One person is towing his daughter in a trailer.
So Ashburn is home to the Fireant Festival
And the world's largest peanut.

BRAG Day 1 Finished

I have arrived at Tifton, Ga we are here overnight and then on to Douglas.  We are camped out at the Georgia Agriculture Museum which is air conditioned.  Yea!  
My computer says 53 miles but it may be off a bit.  Map my ride cutoff after 3 hours so not sure what happened there. Total ride time was 4:19:00 (doesn't include rest stops) averaged about 12 miles an hour.  Now to hit the showers.
Solar panel worked great once the sun came out a bit. Ride was over cast which was night.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camp is set

Approximately 850 riders signed in for the BRAG.  They expect more in the morning.  Looks like a lot of families riding together.  i dont expect to be the only one hauling bags. Here I am filling out my tags and wristband.

2013 Brag

Arrived at Crisp County HS in Cordele, GA and am checked in.  Now to find a place to sleep amongst the hundreds of people.
Here is the van loaded to start the trip.