Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Arrival

Marcotte and Caroline

On the birth of Ethan. We are glad everyone is doing well and we are all excited about having a new niece/nephew/cousin.

Hannah was really excited and made sure everyone around knew that she had a new cousin.

Ethan 7lbs 13oz

Monday, November 26, 2007


Well we have returned from Thanksgiving dinner at Jody and Beth's house in North Carolina. We had about 18 people there so there was lots of food and family. Family from Maryland came down and others from Savannah and Pembroke went up.

There were Man point competitions and unfortunately Eric being the only adult male attending since Chris, Darcy's Husband was deployed didn't win all of them.

Terry, Darcy and Aaron. Jeanne and Kendra.

Lillie Jody, Alyssa JoAnna and Diva.

Elizabeth and Jean

Anthony Patrick

Hannah and Alyssa
Alyssa, Hanna, Aaron, Anthony
Blaze, Patrick
A tradition that we have developed is that the day after Thanksgiving we all go to Frankie's Fun Park for laser tag and go kart racing.
Sheala and Hannah
Another event was attending a Hurricanes Game. The Hurricanes as Raleigh's NHL Ice Hockey team. We had seats near the top but were still good because we could see everything. Sue one of our friends was working the event and was able to get us priority seats down near the ice. Boy when you get down where the very dedicated fans are, the whole game takes on a new dynamic.

Hannah, Sue, Alyssa
Thank you so much Sue, We love You.

Hannah's first time driving solo on the track. She met the height requirement this year and was very nervous. I followed her out of the gate and by the first half a lap, she floored it and her dad couldn't keep up.

Way to go Hannah!

Alyssa, Aaron and Blaze had the whole track to themselves.

Hannah and Alyssa had a great time with the camera. They created a web show over the weekend and had a lot of fun doing it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vidalia Meet

Hannah had an OK Meet in Vidalia. She did her best for the day which is all we ask and hope for. She did get her round off back handspring so it was a good day. Maryanna and Elizabeth were able to attend the cheering section was much bigger.



Sabrina had the spirit again with the green Hair!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Red Belt Testing

Red Belt Testing!
Patrick received his Red belt this weekend.

Below are some short clips from the testing.

The first one is DEMO Team.
They are performing for the younger kids (Tiny Tigers) that are testing. this lets them see what the older kids are able to do. You have to be invited to the team so not everyone get to do it.

This is board breaking. It has the WOW factor for the little kids.

Sparring is an event that they test on and that Patrick excels in. He got third at State Regional in Sparring. the testing is supposed to be no contact but not everyone is perfect.

Here he is getting his belt. He has two more testings until Black Belt so about 4 months if all goes well! Keep up the good work Patrick!!!

Woodstock Meet

The Woodstock meet was a great successful day for Hannah! She finally got her round off back handspring and then placed fourth overall on the Beam. Of course this was one of the few meets I couldn't be at. Patrick and I stayed in Savannah for his testing.

Way to Go Hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is Halloween time and the kids are sneaking around the neighborhood looking for treats!

Patrick went as a pirate use his costume from the movie premiere.

Hannah went as Susy Who from the Grinch movie.

The Haul was about 3 1/2 pounds each.