Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ice Skating

We all went ice skating with some of Patrick's and Hannah's friends before Christmas. JoAnna and Hannah did well because they roller blade, Patrick fell a couple of times and looked like one of the cartoon characters with his feet moving 90 mph but his body not going anywhere. We had a great time and hope to go back again before it's done. It is hard when you are dressed in shorts and t-shirts outside but have to dress warmly to go skating.


Johnathan and Savannah
Morgan and Hannah
Hannah, Johnathan, Savannah, Patrick and Morgan

Friday, December 12, 2008

Patrick's Christmas Concert

Patrick had his Christmas Concert on December 11. It was a great concert and they have improved a lot over last year. Patrick is very excited, because while he will continue trombone for the jazz band, the director is going to try him out on the tuba for concert band. He can't wait.

I hope you all enjoy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patrick's Holly Ball

Patrick attended his first formal Holiday Ball with his cotillion class. The ball was at the Landings Ballroom and he had a great time. He looked very handsome and grown up.

Patrick prior to leaving.

After the ball.

Patrick had his dance card almost full. They danced the foxtrot and several others. We look forward to when we get to attend a ball with him in March.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Georgia State Level 4 Meet

Hannah had her Georgia State Meet this weekend in Tifton Georgia. It was about a two and a half hour drive each way but that is the life in gymnastics competition (This was actually a really close one to home)

Anyway, Hannah had a great closing meet. While she did not place overall, she did place 8th on the Beam and scored a personal best of 9.0 on the vault. I was looking back and she did not place in the top 11 last year so she has definatly improved!

She wobbled a bit on the beam routine but that seemed to be par for the course with all competitors.

Still recovering from a sprained elbow, her round off back handspring was not as solid as in the past. Her elbow is getting better so in turn she will be improving more.

The vault is hard to see. The winning score was a 9.975. There are four judges on each event and the winner received a 10.0 from two of the judges. The vault has been Hannah's hardest event.

She had a problem on the initial start on the bars but did great on the rest of the routine and kept her legs straight on the shoot through.

The biggest challenge for Hannah this year was her growth. Every time she would get a routine down pat, she would wake up and will have grown an inch or two. That then throws her body out of whack changing everything she just learned.


We made the annual trek to N.C. for Thanksgiving. Everyone had a great time and good food.

I realized after the fact that I had not taken as many pictures as I thought. I guess that's what happens when you are having fun.

It was a milestone year in that there were two men in attendance. Myself and Chris. Chris was in Africa last year so it was good to have him home. His son Anthony and Patrick are about at the point where we can move them up from the kid section so we will have more company.

Elizabeth and Maryanna


Sheila brought her Wii so Dance Dance Revolution was the game and Eric was the name (to beat). It was a lot of fun and everyone did well. JoAnna and I got Wii music for our anniversary (14 years) and everyone had a lot of fun with that as well.
Sheila all tired out after trying to beat Eric's score!
(Eric is on the floor waiting for the EMS! LOL)

Anthony and Alyssa battling it out on the dance pads.

JoAnna and I went out at 5:00am Black Friday to experience the rush and people watch. The kids stayed in bed so it was like a date out drinking coffee and hot chocolate. We actually opened a Starbucks. (How sad is that? LOL)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hannah's Birthday

Hannah had a small party with her two best friends from school, Jaquelyn and Elizabeth. The three of them and JoAnna went to the Tea Room in Savannah for a Tea Party.


They had a lot of fun.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

We finished the God on Broadway Series at our church and ended with Phantom of the Opera. I had several people ask and I asked myself, "What could Phantom of the Opera possibly have to do with church?" Well they brought it together incredibly well. The sermon was about taking your mask off. Be sure to go to the website to see all the videos. The daughter of the pastor is named Christie and she played that part. She was absolutely fabulous and even sounded better than the movie in parts. She received a standing ovation for Think of Me. Everyone was just stunned at the beauty of the song and her voice. http://www.asburymemorial.com/audio/phantom/service.aspx

We opened with the title song and then sang Masquerade. JoAnna and I danced to the music and had so much fun.

You will have to forgive the shakiness, Hannah was doing the filming. We are the couple on the right at the front closest to the choir.
Others that danced were Todd and Erin.

Paul and Kristen

Hannah's Last Meets

Here are some pictures and videos from Hannah's last two meets. She did well and so we are looking forward to State the weekend of December 6th.

She did well on the Beam and Floor.

Look at those pointed toes!

Are You Looking At Me?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

Most posts have me behind the camera but today I was in front. Our church did the Suessical the Mussical.

The Cat In The Hat and Oh the Thinks you can Think!

I got to play Horton. and Hannah was Think 18.

JoAnna and I realized that while I have done musicals in the past while growing up, I had not done anything like that since we had met so she got to see a part of me that she had never seen before.

Horton Hears a Who and Alone in the Universe!
Playing Horton definatly kindled the flame a bit and since Hannah also enjoys the theater, we are going to investigate the local groups.

Alone in the Universe! (Horton and JoJo)

Here is a video clip of Horton Hears a Who. I also sang Alone in the Universe and Solla Sallew. All the songs were video taped and are on the church website at www.asburymemorial.com Check them out. Pat Prokop, Bill Kelso and Barry Parker did an oustanding job on the video filming, editing and pictures. Be sure to watch the announcements, they are a riot. Of all the songs, one of the best was Green Eggs and Ham. The energy and the kids were great!

Solla Sallew!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend Update!

Well the weekend flew by but we all had fun and are very tired. ( I always thought weekends were for relaxing. HAHA silly me we have kids!)

Anyway, Hannah did well for her first meet back after the sprained elbow. she didn't place but did lock up qualifying for state in December.

The Pembroke Pig Pickin went well even though is was misting. We got the TVs and computers torn down before the bottom opened up.

Hairspray went well at church and Patrick assisted in the stage setup with the microphones during the service. This coming weekend is the Suessical so we have a big rehearsal tonight.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

God On Broadway

Our Church is starting it's annual God on Broadway series where the service and message is told through a condensed version of a Broadway Musical. I get to be Horton in the Suessical and we are having a lot of fun with it.
You will be able to see them usually about a day after the service at:

What Has Your Blog Done for You Lately?

We have a great story for our Blog!

The Blog keeps everyone up to date with family events and happenings and now it has reconnected old friends.

How ? You might ask. Well;

In the 7th grade, I went to Guadalajara Mexico as a foreign exchange student. In my place the family I stayed with sent their son to live in Newport Oregon with my family. Recently he contacted us through our Blog. We have since started reconnecting with him and his family. Having been the one to travel to Mexico, I have a lot of fond memories of my time with his family and the places they took me. It was an experience of a lifetime and so glade that my parents sent me!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tommy's Play Park

September 20th The City of Pembroke dedicated the Tommy McCormick Play Park. It has a playground, Tennis Court and a Skate Park. Tommy is JoAnna's Uncle and Jeanne's Husband that passed away. Everyone had a good time and the kids are loving the skate park. Family and friends were on hand for the dedication and to share stories about Tommy.

I think one of the best comments of the day was when Lilly (pictured below) a good friend of Jeanne and Tommy and everyone else in the family ( she is a part of the family) said

"When I put my hands in my pockets, I feel as if Tommy were here, since these are his shorts."

Patrick holding Diva and Hannah holding CJ Diva's newest cousin.

Tommy's daughters Angela and Kathleen and Amy.