Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh No The Big 40 !!!!!!!!

JoAnna's Birthday is February 2 so we celebrated the weekend before. She knew there was a little get together planned but with Sheala's help we had a good sized get together. JoAnna's sister Jody and partner Beth drove down from NC and surprised her so JoAnna was excited.

We didn't want to push our luck with 40 individual candles so we opted to go with words. This way we knew she would be able to blow them all out.

The happy Birthday song!

Her 30th birthday that she mentioned at the end, if you remember, she made a comment about the center of the cake. So for her 30th, I ordered a cake with 30 red roses and it was supposed to have a chocolate pudding center. Well, I didn't pick up the cake, someone else did and brought it so when we opened the box, there was a beautiful white cake with 30 red roses and a blog of chocolate pudding on the center of the cake. It looked like a big pile of poo. It is a birthday we won't soon forget. One of our friends Celes was there for the 30th and was here for the 40th. It was great to see her again.

We ended up having a picnic on the family room floor. It was fun. Everyone was in a circle so we could all talk to each other.

Celes and JoAnna, catching up.

Elizabeth, Jeanne, Beth and Jody playing Boom Blocs on the Wii.

Patrick waiting his turn.