Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Savannah Winds Spring Concert

Last night was he Savannah Winds Spring Concert.  Hannah plays Flute with the group and enjoys the challenge and benefits of playing with a group of professionals and college students. They are directed by Mark B. Johnson.

Hannah had a great time playing and her favorite was La Quintessenza because it had a very Tim Burton feel to it.

Sensus Vitae "A Fanfare & Chorale for the Good of Humanity"
By - Nathan Daughtrey (2013)

Sheltering Sky
By - John Mackey (2012)

Spirit of Endeavour
I.  One Vision "Molto moderato"
II. The Pursuit of Perfection "Vivace"
By - Philip Sparke (2013)

La Quintessenza
I.  Intoduzione
II.  Capriccio
III.  Arioso
IV.  Finale
(performed without pause)
By - Johan de Meij (1998)

This is the one that has a Tim Burton sound to it that Hannah loved.  She really wants to play the piccolo part on it as well.

Golden Jubilee March
By - John Philip Sousa (1928)

And in honor of St. Patrick's Day which is kind of a big deal here in Savannah 
(2nd largest celebration in the US)
By - James Meredith (2014)